Engine remapping alters or replaces the existing software in the car’s Engine Control Unit (ECU), This changes how it performs and can remove any restrictions the standard ECU has on the vehicle. Here at Armstrong Performance , We install a new software on your vehicles ECU, completely overriding the existing settings, allowing us to unleash the true potential of your vehicle.


Generally make your car the best it can be!


Remapping your car will give you…


Increased Performance - You will notice an immediate improvement of the speed and power of your vehicle. Here at Armstrong Performance our remaps have been known to increase horsepower between 30 - 50bhp and up to more than 80nm of torque. This number will vary on your vehicle's engine.


A More Responsive Engine - Once a remap has been completed, your engine will be much more responsive, making it easier for you to overtake on the motorway or around a dawdling tractor on the back roads.


Better Economy - Remapping your engine can increase your vehicle’s MPG, this is because your engine no longer needs more acceleration for it to operate. You may also find that with a remap, you no longer have to go through the gears as much as you used to, This will also help improve vehicle economy.

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